We started FastKarma WoodCrafts in 2015. We were looking for a way to supplement our income when we started working with supplier Backgate Industries. We found that their unique product was a great way to make heirloom quality Combination Salt Shaker – Pepper Mills. So began our sojourn to making woodturning products as gifts and for sale.

Now we enjoy making beautiful Pepper Mills right here in our shop. Some are made with scraps from our woodpile, and some are made from exotic blanks purchased from online suppliers. It is fun to watch a chunk of wood evolve into a stunning piece of art. Eventually we may even offer some of ours for sale on this website.

But the Wood Turner’s Kit wasn’t the only thing available, so we offered to become a distributor for Backgate’s “Do It Yourself Kits”. Being DIY’ers ourselves, we knew we had found a kit that is suitable for anyone who can paint or stain and use a screwdriver. We use one we built and love it. Soon we will be offering fully finished Combination Salt Shakers – Pepper Mills.

So we took the plunge, built a website and filled our basement with shipping supplies, and can now offer our products to you. If you are a wood turner, you will have as much fun as we do, and you’ll never be without gift ideas. If you are a home crafter or hobbyist, you will find the DIY kit to be easy to build, and decorating and finishing them will let you customize the look to match your kitchen.

As you browse through out website, we hope you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or comments, please use our Contact page.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Lex and Karen Green